Medal Designs

Most Medals are available in gold, silver and bronze finishes.
Click on each medal to see designs available.

Die Cast Medal Designs

CX Medals

CXC Medals

HBX Medals

HBXC Medals

MX Medals

LX Medals

LXC Medals

ES Medals

VX Medals

BL Medals

RS Medals

SS Medals

Atlas Medals

TS Medals 

Custom Medal Designs

Pick a medal and add your custom design and/or print.

LFL Medals

GFL Medals

RS14 Medals

RSG Medals 

GGM Medals

XBX Medals

Mega Shield Medals

All Star Medals

Birchwood Medals 

Medals with stock designs

Designs available only as shown.

RWB GGM Medals

LFL Medals