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About Us

At Hodges Badge Company, Inc., we take great pride in the art of commemorating success by skillfully creating distinctive awards for each and every one of our valued customers. We know these aren't just objects you are handing out, they are markers of momentous occasions, each one a story of triumph and hard work.

Our commitment at Hodges Badge Company, Inc., transcends the mere production of awards. It's about fostering a culture of recognition, about cheering on every milestone achieved on the path to greatness. It's about understanding the profound impact a token of appreciation can have on a young mind, spurring them on to chase their dreams with relentless determination.

In partnering with us, you're not just choosing a company that makes awards; you're choosing a team that has been dedicated to making a difference for over 100 years, one thoughtful recognition at a time. Our friendly, confident approach ensures that every award we craft isn’t just seen, but felt, carrying with it the weight of achievement and the promise of future success.

Every year we turn more than 12 million yards of satin ribbon into rosettes, flat ribbons and neck ribbons for medals. We also make more than 1 million medals and 100,000 exhibitor numbers annually, all manufactured at our factory in Washington Missouri. We sell our products via catalogs and the internet to horse show managers, dog show managers, schools, sports and recreation, fairs/4-H, and retail markets. If you need a simple way to order quality, affordable horse show awards, school awards, or sports awards - Hodges Badge Company’s one-stop-shopping makes it easy to recognize your participant’s accomplishments. Choose from a wide variety of awards including ribbons, rosettes, sashes, medals, and other great awards. Contact Hodges Badge Company today – We’d love to hear from you! info@hodgesbadge.com