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Purchasing award rosettes for events, competitions, and recognition programs can be an enjoyable and thrilling process. Rosette ribbons are a popular choice for various events such as horse shows, dog shows, fairs, festivals, 4-H events, sports, education awards, sponsor recognition and so much more! Custom rosettes are an ideal way to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of individuals or groups. When it comes to purchasing custom rosette awards, Hodges is the top manufacturer in the world. With over a century of experience in crafting top-quality handmade rosettes, we offer the widest variety of rosette styles, colors, print colors, sizes, and selection of customizable options.

Personalizing your rosette ribbons is easy with Hodges. By considering factors such as the use, size, color, printing, and quantity, you can find the perfect rosettes to suit your needs. You can add your own logo/design or use one of our thousands of stock designs and even personalize by having your event information beautifully foil stamped on one or more streamers, the possibilities are endless. Don’t have a design of your own? Hodges has a team of talented graphic artists who can create a custom design for your memorable award-winning event.

The quantity and your budget for your event will help to determine the price and style. We offer quantity price discounts, so it is best to order all the rosettes you need at once to save money. With Hodges, the experts in the field, and following these below guidelines, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the perfect rosette awards.

Are they meant for a horse show, dog show, fair, sports event, academic competition, special recognition or other? This knowledge will aid you in selecting the appropriate style, color, and size of the rosette. If you are uncertain about which rosette you require, our experienced Customer Service Representatives can help guide you in choosing the right one for your event.

Rosette Top Size: The first crucial factor to consider is the top size of the custom rosette. Our range of rosettes begins at 3-inch single streamer rosettes and goes up to 13-inch multiple streamer rosettes. We have rosettes suitable for everyone, from participants to the grandest of champions.

top size.jpg__PID:27783aa0-aa57-4a56-9757-182fd09ed786

Rosette Style: Rosettes come in a variety of styles. With single layer rosettes with one streamer to 8-layer rosettes with up to 11 streamers, knowing the purpose of your award can help determine which style to choose. We have a wide selection of rosettes to choose from. A couple of the most popular choices for rosettes are our Empire and Ideal rosettes. Need something bigger? The Exeter or Sunburst rosettes are sure to excite any recipient. See below for recommendations and Hodges’ favorite rosettes.

Need recommendations? Check out Hodges’ favorite rosettes.

213 ideal.jpg__PID:921e3d2a-e89d-459a-89df-d825b88d59a2

4" Rosette Top


219 empire.jpg__PID:238e921e-3d2a-489d-a59a-09dfd825b88d

4" Rosette Top


223 beauty.jpg__PID:3d2ae89d-a59a-49df-9825-b88d59a2acf5

4-1/2" Rosette Top


263 exeter.jpg__PID:b520c1c0-238e-421e-bd2a-e89da59a09df

6" Rosette Top


260 kerry.jpg__PID:e89da59a-09df-4825-b88d-59a2acf552bc

5-1/2" Rosette Top


281 sunburst.jpg__PID:a59a09df-d825-488d-99a2-acf552bcebe9

6-1/2" Rosette Top


283 kennet.jpg__PID:09dfd825-b88d-49a2-acf5-52bcebe9458c

6-1/2" Rosette Top


287 newton.jpg__PID:d825b88d-59a2-4cf5-92bc-ebe9458cf969

7" Rosette Top


Rosette Center: Choosing the rosette center is as important as selecting the rosette itself. The center is where your logo/design is placed. If you want your logo/design printed in traditional foil, choose a rim center or satin finish center. If you want your logo/design in full color, a button or birchwood center may be the way to go. You can select any stock or custom design that best represents the event or achievement. If you do not have or want a design in the center, you can leave it blank or select a mum center or stock birchwood center. Our rim center and button centers are the most popular choice.

Rim Center

Button Center

Satin Finish Center

Birchwood Center

Mum Center

Rosette Color: Another vital consideration is the color of the rosette. The color of the ribbon could also be chosen based on the purpose of the award. For instance, blue is frequently used for first place, red for second, and yellow for third. You may also want to consider the color scheme of your event or organization. It could be bright and eye-catching to make the recipient feel special. We offer 43 satin ribbon colors to choose from, including rainbow, red, white & blue, and 2-tone. You can add one of our stock multicolor side streamers to your rosettes to get even more creative.

Print Color: Additionally, you can choose the color of your printing to make your award rosettes stand out. We offer 11 vibrant foil colors for our rosettes, and you can get creative and choose different print colors for your award rosettes. Gold is our standard.

Printing: You may also choose to have the ribbons printed with text or images. This is an excellent way to personalize the ribbon and make it more meaningful to the recipient.

Rosette Back: The rosette back is available in several different options, including hook or bridle back, string back, and pin back. Our standard is the hook back, but you can select any of these other options at no additional cost.

Hook (Bridle) Back

String Back

Pin Back

rosette backs.jpg__PID:41af3bf3-326c-43f4-a422-b520c1c0238e

In conclusion, following these guidelines will guarantee a successful purchase of award rosettes for any event, competition, or recognition program. Make your next event a success with custom rosette awards from Hodges. Need more assistance, visit our FAQ page or contact one of our knowledgable customer service representatives today!

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