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Our custom award ribbons are offered in a variety of styles and sizes with almost limitless ways to design that special award to celebrate achievement and recognize accomplishment. Choose from classic hot stamped ribbons and also highly versatile multicolor ribbons - with a choice of ribbon styles, colors, print colors, sizes, and the ability to print your custom artwork, logo, or design - there is no limit to the possibilities!

Traditional Hot Stamped Satin Flat Ribbons 

  • Are traditional hot stamped satin flat ribbons appropriate for my event? The first step is to determine your association or organization rules, regulations, policies and budget. Knowing the guidelines will help you choose the appropriate style, color, and size of the ribbon.  Many event organizers prefer the classic look and feel of traditional hot stamped ribbons. We have the widest variety of styles and sizes of flat ribbons to choose from. If you are unsure of which type of ribbon you will need, our experienced Customer Service Representatives can also help you make the right choice of ribbon for your event.
  • Ribbon Style: Ribbons come in a variety of styles. Knowing the purpose of your award can help determine which style to choose. Select from our point top, square top, pinked top, hemmed top, tape top, or layered styles. The most popular choice for ribbons are our 2” x 8” point top hot stamped ribbons. These ribbons come with a choice of attached record card to record your event and a gold cord attached for ease of presentation.
  • Ribbon Color: The color of the ribbon is another important consideration. Often organization or event guidelines will dictate color choices. For example, blue is often used for first place, red for second, and yellow for third. If you are not limited by guidelines for colors, you may want to consider your own unique color scheme for your event. We have 43 satin ribbon colors to choose from including rainbow, red, white & blue and 2 tone options.
  • Print Color: Our standard print color is gold, but you can get creative and really make your awards stand out by choosing different print colors for your award ribbons. The ability to choose the color your printing can bring your award ribbons to the next level. We offer 11 vibrant foil colors for our satin ribbons.
  • Customization Options: In addition to printing your personalized text, you can also add a logo or design. Choose from hundreds of stock designs to enhance the look of your ribbon for FREE! If you have your organization’s logo or your own custom design that you want printed on your ribbons, we make it easy to upload your custom design. Our talented production artists will reproduce your design and your design will be printed in your chosen print color. There is a one-time die charge for new custom designs, with free use thereafter.

Below are our top recommendations: 

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How to customize a ribbon.

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2" x 8"
Pinked Top Ribbon


2" x 8"
Point Top Ribbon


2" x 8"
Square Top Ribbon


2-1/2" x 10"
2 Layer Point Top Ribbon


2" x 6"
Multicolor Square Top Ribbon


2" x 8"
Multicolor Pinked Top Ribbon


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