Where it all began. 

It was an unusually chilly morning in Milford, New Hampshire on September 18, 1920. The sun was bright, and a proud William Hodges stood in front of a red brick building with utter excitement. This was the beginning, where it all started, Hodges Badge founded by William Hodges...

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Becoming the Company you know and love! 

The 1930s was a time of unrest for our great country.

The Great Depression weighed heavily upon the United States economy, prohibition had ended, skyscrapers like the Empire State Building were becoming more popular, another world war loomed in the offing, the Hoover Dam was built, the Hindenburg exploded and the “War of the Worlds” was upon us...

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Hodges Anticipates the Shortage of Supplies.

As we entered the 1940’s, the effects of World War II made it increasingly difficult for Hodges to get supplies, as existing factories were fitted to produce goods to support the war effort. The years of expansion and bliss soon faded for the Hodges family as well...

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Keeping it in the Family.

When William passed in April 1947, he left the family business to his children to continue his dream of growing the business. And they did just that! Fredrick’s wife Helen started to work at the business. She would sew Beauty and Ideal rosette tops at night to keep up with demand...

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The Winter Sale is born!

There were many new and exciting things that happened in the 1960s for Hodges Badge Company. In the Spring of 1962, Ted, Jim’s dad, asked Jim if he would come work for the company. Jim agreed, but only for one year....

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Change is on the Horizon.

The 1970s was another decade of change for Hodges Badge Company. Hodges’ first automatic ribbon eyeleters were purchased in 1971. It was truly a love-hate relationship...

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Washington Missouri here we come!

Ted continued working at Hodges until 1980 when he retired at 80 years old. The growth of the business in the 1980s was rapid and soon exceeded the manufacturing capacity in Rhode Island. Our rapid growth was not compatible...

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Expanding is the Name of the Game!

The 1990s were all about expansion for us at Hodges Badge Company. Our Missouri manufacturing facility and Rhode Island office were getting cramped on space, again. Computers were becoming more pivotal to business and everyday life...

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Back to Basics. 

After making many technological advancements within the company in the 90s, the 2000s we decided to go “Back to the Basics”. Time and energy were now being focused on expanding our award product lines and catalogs...

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Building Anew.

Every year we turn more than 12 million yards of satin ribbon into rosettes, flat ribbons, and neck ribbons for medals. 2010 rolled round and found us looking at ways to continue our long-term promise of providing top quality awards, one-stop-shopping all at affordable prices...

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COVID, and other matters of interest.

2020 was undoubtedly a year filled with challenges for everyone. Not only did we face the difficulties of operating a business during the Covid pandemic, but it was also a year marked by a profound sadness within the Hodges family. We mourned....

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