MX Medal Designs

Medals are 1-1/2" and available in antiqued gold, silver and bronze finishes.

MX1 Double Swimmers

Double swimmers, gold medal

MX6 F. Gym

Female gymnasts, gold medal

MX9 Torch

Torch, gold medal

MX16 Star

Star, gold medal

MX17 Lamp of Learning

Lamp with open book, gold medal

MX19 Art

Paint pallet with 2 brushes, gold medao

MX20 Science

Science items, atom, gold medal

MX21 Music

G-Clef, gold medal

MX28 Open Book

Open book with banner and flame, gold medal

MX44 Stack of Books

Open book with stack of books, gold medal

MX54 Graduation
(Antiqued Gold Only)

Graduation cap and diploma, gold medal

MX65 Children Running

Children running, gold medal