Super Star Medal Designs

Medals range from 2" - 2-1/2" wide and are available in antiqued gold, silver and bronze finishes.

 SS1 Double Swimmer

Double swimmers, red stars, gold medal

SS5 F. Floor

Gymnast silhouette, purple swirl, gold medal

SS6 F. Gymnastics

Gymnast silhouette, blue stars, gold medal

SS10 Happy Birthday Cupcake
(Antiqued Gold Only)

Cupcake, orange frosting, candle, gold medal

SS16 F. Gym

Gymnast silhouette, purple starburst, pink banner, stars, gold medal

SS17 M. Gym

Gymnast silhouette, blue banner, starbursts, gold medal

SS23 Starting Block

Stop watch, goggles, stars, water, gold medal

SS31 Swimming

Swimmer, red stars, banner, gold medal

SS32 Stylized Swim

Swimmer silhouette, stars, blue water, waves, gold medal

SS33 M. Gymnastics

Gymnast silhouette, rings, blue stars, gold medal