CX Medal Designs

Medals are 1-1/8" and available in antiqued gold, silver and bronze finishes.

CX1 Double Swimmers

Double swimmers in lane, gold medal

CX7 Basketball

Basketball shaped gold medal

CX8 Soccer

Soccer ball shaped gold medal

CX9 Torch

Torch on gold medal

CX16 Star

Star with lines, gold medal

CX17 Lamp of Learning

Wreath, open book & lamp on gold medal

CX32 Stylized Swimmer

Single stylized swimmer, gold medal

CX37 F. Gymnastics

female gymnasts, gold medal

CX53 Open Book

Open book with banner and flame, gold medal

CX70 Jumper

Horse jumping over fence, gold medal

CX71 Quarter Horse

Quarter horse, gold medal

CX72 4-H

4-H clover, 4 leaf clover, gold medal

CX76 Horse and Rider

Horse rider with wreath, gold medal