Hodges Exclusive Columns

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General Designs


Camouflage swatch


Cheetah swatch

Desert Sand

Desert sand swatch


Floral swatch

Green Camo

Green camo swatch

Lace Pattern - Gold

Lace pattern - gold swatch

Lace Pattern - Silver

Lace pattern - silver swatch

Lace Pattern - Bronze

Lace pattern - bronze swatch

Orange Camo

Orange camo swatch

Pink Leopard

Pink Leopard swatch

Pink Scroll

Pink scroll swatch

Pink Twist

Pink Twist swatch, stars


Psychedelic swatch, rainbow dots

Purple Zebra

Purple zebra swatch, stripes

Rising Star Blue

Rising star blue swatch, streaming stars


Spirit swatch, stars

Star Gazer

Star Gazer swatch

Star Performer

Star performer swatch, streaming stars


Stars swatch, rainbow stars

Tie Dye

Tie dye swatch, rainbow tie dye

Waving Flag

Waving flag swatch, stars and stripes, American flag


Wild flowers swatch

2024 Spirit

2024 spirit swatch

Equestrian Designs


Appaloosa swatch, black swatch, dalmation


Autumn swatch, horses in field, fall foliage


Winter swatch, horses in snow field


Spring swatch, horses in field, spring foliage


Summer swatch, horses in field, summer foliage

Blue Equestrian

Blue equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Red Equestrian

Red equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Yellow Equestrian

Yellow Equestrian swatch, collage of horses

White Equestrian

White Equestrian Swatch, collage of horses

Pink Equestrian

Pink equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Green Equestrian

Green equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Purple Equestrian

Purple Equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Brown Equestrian

Brown equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Gray Equestrian

Gray equestrian swatch, collage of horses

Light Blue Equestrian

Light blue equestrian swatch, collage of horses


Dressage swatch, horse and rider


Hunter/Jumper swatch, horse jumping over fence with rider


Western swatch, horse with western rider


Horseshoes swatch, multicolor horseshoes

Old West

Old West swatch, horseshoe, saddle, star


Rodeo swatch, rodeo rider, rainbow background, barrel racing

Run Free

Run free swatch, horses running, horseshoe

Snaffle Bit

Snaffle bit swatch, red, yellow and blue snaffle bits

Fair Designs


4-H swatch, clover

At The Fair 

At the Fair swatch, ferris wheel, balloons, children


Crusin swatch, street signs, dice


Livestock swatch, farm animals


Veggies swatch, canning, vegetables

Dog Designs

Agility Course

Agility course swatch, agility items, commands, paw prints


Agility swatch, agility course, dogs


Breed swatch, dog breeds


Canine swatch, dog items, paw prints, dog silhouettes

Dog Bone

Dog bone swatch, paw prints, hydrant, dog house

Muddy Paws

Muddy paws swatch, paw prints

Athletic Designs

Baseball Game

Baseball game swatch, flaming baseball, home plate, home run, play ball

Baseball Flames

Baseball flames swatch, flaming baseball, green background

Basketball Game

Basketball Game swatch, flaming basketball, hoop, swish

Basketball Flames

Basketball flame swatch, flaming hoop

Best Time

Best time swatch, swim, stopwatch, flags


Bowling swatch, strike, 10 pin

Cheer Collage 

Cheer collage swatch, pompom, spirit, cheerleader silhouette

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes swatch, tap, ballet, music notes

Dance Styles

Dance styles swatch, ballet, tap, music notes, top hat

Female Gym Silho

Female gym silho swatch, gymnasts, stars

Field Hockey

Field hockey swatch, goal, player silhouette, flames


Fish swatch, colorful fish, water

Football Game

Football game swatch, flaming football, player silhouette, touchdown

Football Flames

Football flames swatch, flaming football, yellow background


Galaxy swatch, gymnasts

Gym Blocks

Gym Blocks swatch, gymnastics, gymnast silhouettes

Gym Collage

Gym collage swatch, female gymnasts, pink

Hockey Flames

Hockey flames swatch, flaming puck, blue background

Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse game swatch, goal, player silhouette, ball, lax


Lanes swatch, swimmer

Love Dance

Love dance swatch, purple, hearts

Love Gym Pink

Love gym pink swatch, hearts

Male Gym Silho

Male gym silho swatch, gymnasts, stars

Pee Wee Football

Pee wee football swatch, touchdown, player silhouettes


Retro swatch, gymnast silhouettes, gradient blocks


Scales swatch

Snapshot Gymnastics

Snapshot gymnastics swatch, gymnasts

Soccer Game

Soccer game swatch, player silhouettes, flaming soccer ball, striker

Soccer Flames

Soccer flames swatch, flaming soccer ball, purple background

Softball Game

Softball game swatch, flaming softball, player silhouettes, home run

Softball Flames

Softball flames swatch, flaming softball, black background


Splash swatch, waves


Strokes swatch, swimmer silhouettes, swim


Swim swatch, colorful googles, stopwatch, lanes

Swim 2

Swim 2 swatch, water, swimmer

Swim 3

Swim 3 swatch, swimmers

Swim Time

Swim time swatch, stopwatch, water, flags


Swirls swatch, waves

Tennis Flames

Tennis flames swatch, flaming tennis balls, green background

Track & Field

Track & Field swatch, silhouettes, track events

Track Flames

Track flames swatch, flaming winged foot, yellow background

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish swatch, angel fish, bubbles

Volleyball Game

Volleyball game swatch, player silhouettes, flaming volleyballs

Volleyball Flames

Volleyball Flames swatch, flaming volleyball, red background


Wave swatch, male/female swimmers

Wrestling Burst

Wrestling burst swatch, wrestlers

School Designs

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement swatch, open book, lamp of learning, torch, stars, great job


Math swatch, numerals, Einstein


Music swatch, music notes, g-clef, piano keys


Reading swatch, books, apple, blocks


Science swatch, e=mc2, atoms, elements


Scientist swatch, DNA, atoms, elements, bubbles

Spelling Bee

Spelling swatch, alphabet, A+, chalkboard


STEM swatch, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, gears, computer, atoms