Historians say that the rosette award ribbon dates back as far at the 8th or 9th century. Unlike the rosettes we know today, designed to resemble a rose, the first millennium rosettes are said to have been created to symbolize the moon and planets.

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte instituted the use of rosette award ribbons as a part of the Legion of Honor award. These early rosettes, much larger than the rosettes we see today, were attached to the ribbon that displayed the Legion medal and presented to deserving individuals in recognition of outstanding military or civic service.

Around the mid-1800s, rosette ribbons began to be crafted in smaller sizes to be worn on clothing, and became popular for civilian use. Records show that use of rosettes in the US began in 1877, when the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States became the first organization in this country to identify its members by a rosette worn on the lapel. Although the Purple Heart previously bore a rosette, the only US government medal currently issued with a rosette is the Medal of Honor.

Modern uses of rosettes are many. Award rosettes may be awarded to individuals or teams as a symbol of victory or excellence. Multicolored rosettes are worn to indicate affiliation with an organization or allegiance to a sports team. Prize rosette award ribbons are often imprinted with a date and the name of the particular organization or even. No matter their specific function, rosettes have a rich history, and have become a staple of pride, showmanship and celebration in today’s United States.

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