Athletic & School Figurines

Trophy Figurines are representations and may vary slightly.

Sports Figurines

BMX Bike

Bicycle, person riding bike, checkered flag


Coach, man kneeling


Baseball player, swing, bat, male

Female Jr. Baseball

Female jr. baseball, girl, bat, baseball stance

Male Jr. Baseball

Female jr. baseball, boy, bat, baseball stance

Female Basketball

Female basketball, girl, layup

Male Basketball

Male basketball, boy, slam dunk

Field Hockey

Field hockey, player, girl

Female Figure Skater

Girl, figure skate, ice skate

Male Figure Skater

Boy, figure skate, ice skate

Female Golfer

Woman, golf, putt

Male Golfer

Man, golf, putt


Football player, running


Hockey player, slap shot, skate

Female Karate

Girl, woman, karate, kick

Male Karate

Boy, man, karate, kick

Female Lacrosse

Girl, woman, lacrosse, LAX

Male Lacrosse

Boy, man, lacrosse, LAX

Female Runner

Girl, woman, runner, track

Male Runner

Boy, man, runner, track

Female Soccer

Girl, woman, soccer player, kick, ball

Male Soccer

Boy, man, soccer player, kick, ball


Girl, woman, swing, softball

Female Tennis

Girl, woman, tennis serve

Male Tennis

Boy, man, tennis serve

Female Track

Girl, woman, runner, track

Male Track

Boy, man, runner, track

Female Volleyball

Girl, woman, volleyball player, serve

Male Volleyball

Large Boy, man, volleyball player, serve



Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer Figurines

Acrobat Balance

Acrobat balance, girl, gymnast

All Star Dancer

Top hat, dance shoes, stars

Balance Beam

Balance beam, girl, gymnast


Ballerina, dancer, ballet

Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom dancers, couple dancing

Female Floor

Female floor, girl, gymnast

Female Gymnast

Female gymnast

Female Handstand

Female handstand, girl, gymnast

Male Handstand

Male handstand, boy, gymnast

Gym Star

Gym star, girl, gymnast, 3 stars

Gym Theme

Gymnastics equipment

Heart Dancer

Heart dancer, stylized dancing figure

Modern Dance

Modern dancer, girl

Pink Heart Dancer

Pink heart dancer, stylized dancing figure


Pointe, ballet, ballerina


Tap/Jazz, girl, dancer

Triple Cheerleader

Triple cheerleaders, 3

Swimming Figurines

Female Swimming

Female swimming, girl, swimmer

Male Swimming 

Male swimming, boy, swimmer

Swim 3D

Swim 3-d, stop watch, swim lanes

Swim Star

Swim star, stars, stop watch, swim lanes

School Figurines

Excellence Mouse

Excellence mouse, superhero

Female Graduate

Female graduate, girl

Male Graduate

Male graduate, boy


G-clef, music note

Knowledge Bee

Knowledge bee, graduation cap

Lamp 3D

Lamp 3d, lamp of learning, open book, wreath

Lamp of Learning

Lamp of learning


Lamp, stylized lamp of leaning

Learning Bee

Learning bee, bee with book, open book


Masks, theater, drama

Math Whiz

Math whiz, wiz, rabbit with numbers

Music Note

Music note, g-clef, staff

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood derby, race car

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee, stars