2024 Fair, 4-H & Festival Contest Winners


2024 Contest Winner - Stacy Childers

Photographed are Mary Anna and her 4-H chicken, Ivy. Ivy is a Golden Comet layer that Mary Anna raised from new chick to ready-to-lay pullet for the South Carolina 4-H Pullet Chain Poultry Project. The project involves youth in learning about agriculture by working daily with breeding stock, learning to care for them and raising them to be productive egg layers. This year was Mary Anna’s second year participating in the project, and she took part in judged competitions in eight local counties.

This year was the first time her county had participated in the project, and she and Ivy won Grand Champion, receiving ribbons supplied by Hodges! In addition to working with poultry, 14-year-old Mary Anna has her own business making and selling dog treats. She is saving up to buy (another) horse! She loves all things equine, and is an avid reader, gardener, and baker. She loves serving others at her local church and spending time helping out on the family farm. Photo was taken by family friend Lauren Cottrell.

2024 Honorable Mention - Cindy Lay

Photographed is Pearl, on a leash. Pearl is a 7-month-old Gold Star hen. Pearl was raised by 10-year-old Union County, TN 4-Her Presley. Presley showed Pearl at the Union County 4-H Chick Chain Show and Sale, where she received a blue ribbon and Grand Champion.

When not showing, Presley loves to take Pearl on adventures while on her leash. This photo was taken at an elementary school Farm Day event, where Pearl even laid an egg while entertaining kids. Presley will use the award money for the care of her 4-H chickens and in preparation for the new 4-H pullets that will arrive in the spring. Presley is honored to share this photo and her love of raising chickens for others to see! Photographed by Presley.


2024 Honorable Mention - Susan Condlin

Photographed are sister and brother Ansleigh and Jase Whitaker. Following in the footsteps of their mother and uncle, who started entering the Fair competitions at a young age, Ansleigh and Jase both began entering the Lee Regional Fair when they entered kindergarten. Each year they both will enter several exhibits and while Ansleigh is saving her fair premiums to “buy a house” in the future, Jase typically spends his on a toy or Legos.

Jase Whitaker a 2nd grader, has entered exhibits for three years. He had two entries this year and won a Blue Ribbon for his “Octopus" entry made with Modeling Clay. Ansleigh Whitaker a 5th grader has entered exhibits for 6 years. This year she entered four entries and won a Blue Ribbon and Best in Show for Clay Arts in her age group for her "Pumpkin with Spider" made with Modeling Clay.

Their genuine smiles reflect their excitement in winning ribbons and premiums and are a delight for the exhibit hall volunteers. Photo was taken by Susan Condlin and submitted by Sanford Lions Club, sponsors of the Lee Regional Fair.

2024 Honorable Mention - Jodi Sibley

Photographed are Katelyn and Banks, a Holstein heifer owned by Fairmont Farm in East Montpelier, VT. Banks and Katelyn had a great summer show season in both showmanship and conformation. This photo was taken at the Caledonia Fair where Banks was awarded Grand Champion.


2024 Honorable Mention - David Andrews

Norma King has won more baking/cooking contests at Fryeburg Fair than any other individual. She has been entering competitions at Fryeburg Fair for over 45 years. King says, "The last time I rough counted, I had won about 300 ribbons. I do all five of the baking contests held during the week of the Fair. It brings joy to my heart. If you don’t win, you’re so happy if one of your friends wins.”

2024 Honorable Mention - Janie Johnson

This is Blewett Buns Mini Plush Lop Buck, Sweet Huckleberry Cadbury. He is from full import line Malvina Lakes from Luxembourg. He is one year old Mini Plush Lop Buck, and he is our foundation herd buck. He is not only beautiful and sweet he leaves his stamp on his kits.

We are a very small rabbitry and Cadbury is our family pet as well. Blewett Buns is a very small rabbitry focused on raising loving pets while staying focused on type and personality. I am owner and operator of Blewett buns and nana to my beautiful granddaughters, sweet rescue pups and bunnies. I’ll put the money back into my “bun barn”.

Photo taken by Janie Johnson, owner and operator of Blewett Buns.


2024 Honorable Mention - Brandi Stuck

Photographed are Emma and Rooster, a Market Boer Goat. Rooster is a 6-month-old wether from Blue Top Wethers in Woodson, Texas. Rooster was a triplet that was bottle feed but truly turned into a great ag project.

Emma is 14 years old, loves showing goats and competes in several Jack-Pots, Johnson County Livestock Show and Fort Worth Livestock Show.

She also enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her family and friends training for Cross Country and Track. She plans on saving her winnings for something special. Photo was taken by and submitted by Brandi Stuck.