2024 Dog Show Awards Contest Winners


2024 Contest Winner - Jamie Heberlein

Photographed is CedarWoods' Do You Believe in Magic. “Magic" is an Australian Shepherd who is proudly showing off her Fast CAT title ribbons earned this past year. Magic actively competes in agility and rally, volunteers her time at schools, libraries, hospitals and nursing homes as a certified member of Love on a Leash, and performs tricks as an AKC Elite Trick Performer. But her true passion is chasing the trash bunny down the field during FCAT events. Magic is going to use her prize money to enter more FCAT events, along with picking out some special treats for her fur-family.

2024 Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Cepero

Photographed is JS Down To Earth "Terra", an Australian Shepherd after winning the UpDog Challenge Triple Crown with the local club, Disc Dogs of Treasure Coast in Florida. "Terra" showed her love for disc by chasing rollers at a young age of 8 weeks old and now at just over a year old, she is showing promise to becoming a well-rounded disc dog with a bright future ahead of her. "Terra" and her owners will use the prize money to buy more discs for future competitions and her favorite treats!


2024 Honorable Mention - Sela Cooper

Photographed is Jersey the Vizsla after earning her RATO title and placing second at the Ragtime Ratters barn hunt trial in Mississippi. Jersey enjoys going on adventures, napping on the couch, and participating in scent work sports since retiring from high impact sports last year. The prize money will be put towards future trial expenses.

2024 Honorable Mention - John Savedra

Photographed here is "Cruiser", a Miniature Australian Shepherd, after earning his "Outstanding Open Jumpers" title at a NADAC Agility trial, hosted by Rino Agility in North Corona, CA. Cruiser's first passion is NAFA Flyball. With his flyball teammates from "Pacific Pups", he recently won back-to-back regional titles. Cruiser's owner is going to use the prize money to pay for Cruiser's post competition adjustments from FitWoof, a certified canine Massage / Cold Laser technician.


2024 Honorable Mention - Kristina McKenzie

Draco is my first Border Collie, and he absolutely loves swimming and being active, even as a senior. He enjoys trick training, barn hunt, FastCAT and hiking as well! We are going to use our prize money for more dog sports and a new bumper toy to enjoy at the pool!

2024 Honorable Mention - Christine Natale

Photographed are Nessa, Delilah, and Jett in front of their purple school bus full of their 2023 ribbons. These are 3 of 9 dogs in the "Our Life is Ruff" pack; they travel to dog sport competitions in a retired school bus the family converted into a purple RV, popularly known as a "skoolie". They can be seen competing in Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Fast CAT, Agility, Herding, and Disc. The prize money will go toward the general upkeep of their beloved skoolie, "Louise."


2024 Honorable Mention - Julie DeKing

Photographed is Tanner (Gemstar’s Lightning Strikes RN, DCAT, ACT1, CCA, RATCHX2, RATI, DMX, DSX, DJ, AJ, HDN, CGC, TKE, FITS), after earning his Barn Hunt Master Champion x 2 title. Tanner is 7 years old, and is a goofy, happy, and fun boy. He loves swimming, string cheese, snuggles, and chasing bunnies in the backyard. He also can be very mischievous and has locked his mom out of the house 3 times! Prior to bringing Tanner home his mom had never participated in dog sports. They are both enjoying the time spent together and are having so much fun exploring a variety of sports! Thank you to Eva at Central Bark Canine Events in Central Square, NY for always providing beautiful Hodges Badge Company ribbons at her trials! Our winnings will go towards our newest adventure: a tracking seminar this spring!

2024 Honorable Mention - Traci Reinke

Reinke’s Majestic Tri ‘Shay’ is a border collie who is my teammate in so many things. She loves dock diving, barn hunt, Fast CAT & disc. We’ve done flyball & agility. She is a registered therapy dog. She has a zest for life & enjoys all we do. Her owner, Traci Reinke, will use the prize money to enter more dock diving/barn hunt trials. I’m honored to have been chosen.


2024 Honorable Mention - Lindsey Wallace

Photographed is Rye Guy, the Australian Shepherd therapy dog, who won Pet Partners "Pet of the Year" fundraiser by raising $14,000 over 6 weeks in 2023. A big thank you to all those who contributed! Rye volunteers his time with children at his local hospital and airport performing trick dog shows. He has been a therapy dog since 2019 and loves to perform for treats. He even lets children try some tricks with him! He is a very busy guy and also actively competes in agility and disc. With the prize money he plans to buy lots of treats! Follow his adventures on instagram @RyeGuy0122. Rye is owned and loved by Lindsey Wallace and was bred by Brandy Geisinger at Navrock Australian Shepherds.

2024 Honorable Mention - Allana Marl Wiggin

Photographed are Hannah, Lynch and Lilly Grace (front), they proudly own their handler Allana, and are displaying a few of their championship ribbons that they have won participating in various dog sports events including Dock Diving, NASDA, Scent Work, Barn Hunt, CAT & Fast Cat ~ Hannah being 2022 BOB at the Invitational, as well as 2023 CPE National Scent Champion. They were adopted from Dobie Ranch Rescue in Crystal River FL, and the money will be donated to that rescue as they continue to rescue and rehome displaced Dobermans.


2024 Honorable Mention - Marie Aymard

Dakota, Freedom and Kyon traveled from sunny California to Nebraska during a snowstorm to race flyball! All three of these dogs raced their hearts out and earned big awards for their efforts during this tournament.

2024 Honorable Mention - Polly Dake-Jones

Pictured is DASH HOP UNJ UROC CA URX NN RMC UJJ UROG UDCX USJ RACEA RMG AV AE AC UWP DGCH MBIS MRBIS INTL CH ABNA CH MTDBIS MTDRBIS MT PR HD’s Zenful Zigmund “Ziggy”, an American Bulldog with five of his Total Dog Awards. Ziggy loves to perform in all kinds of events, weight pulling, obedience, dock jumping, precision lure coursing and of course Conformation. Ziggy is also a Therapy Dog and a Diabetic Alert Dog. Ziggy will be using his prize money to buy more treats and toys!!