2023 Fair, 4-H & Festival Contest Winners

2023 Contest Winner - Jodi Sibley

Photographed are Katelyn and Terrific, a Holstein fall calf owned by Fairmont Farm of East Montpelier, VT. This photo, taken at the Orleans & Essex County 4-H County Dairy Show in July, reflects the excitement that followed Terrific’s selection as Reserve Junior Champion. Katelyn is 11 years old and is going into her fourth year as a member of her 4-H group, Udderly Crazy. She loves her 4-H family and especially the time spent helping to care for and work with calves to prepare for shows and events. Katelyn is honored to have been selected and excited to use her winnings to purchase supplies that she can share with her 4-H group. Photo taken by Jodi Sibley.

2023 Honorable Mention - Greet Abbink

Photographed are Noah and his rabbit 'Izzy'. Izzy is a one-year-old Plush Lop Doe. The Plush Lop is a unique rabbit breed that is very popular around the world but not yet recognized in all countries. Noah is 9 years old and likes to bring his rabbits out to shows. He loves being with his grandparents and helping with the animals on the farm and enjoying nature. He likes to spend his winnings for the care of his bunnies and entering shows again. This winning was for the first online annual Mini Plush Lops/Plush Lops USA Show held in February 2022 and photo was taken by Noah's grandmother Greet Abbink-Burgers.

2023 Honorable Mention - Denise Clark

This lemon/blueberry multi-layer cake was made by Salem Oregon baker Amy Sewak. Amy enjoys baking many desserts, including pies and cookies, but cakes are her specialty. For this cake, Amy speculates it took approximately 8 hours to complete, with the process being done in stages. The blueberries topping the cake were home grown and of the “Duke” variety. Amy is not new to the winners’ circle. At the previous fair she won a “Judges Choice” award for one of her exhibits. Amy is generous in making cakes and other goodies for family and special occasions. She also gives away cakes to others including baking for the annual neighborhood block party. Additionally, she makes cakes for a bartering Facebook group she belongs to. The photo was taken by local photographer Jacqueline Klose.

2023 Honorable Mention - Harry Cookinham

Photographed is Harryson Pacheco-Cookinham. Harryson started pulling tractors while in kindergarten at the age of 5 years old! Tractor pulling is Harryson's passion and he just loves going on Sundays to the South Shore Garden Tractor Pulling in Westport, Mass. Harryson enjoys being outside riding his quad or riding his horse Vetta. Harryson plans on opening a savings account with his winnings. Harryson wants to give a shout out to his pit crew, Derek, Mr. Jay and his dad.

2023 Honorable Mention - Aimee Laity

Photographed left to right are Dolores, Cricket, Giselle, Pepa, Marmalade, and Callie, and the 4-H members of the Brookfield Dairy Club! First Place Nadine, and Second Place Lily are in their final year, and graduating from the program. They will be missed! All the heifers are registered Holsteins from an organic dairy farm; they look forward to joining the milking herd with voluntary robotic milking and grazing the fields all summer long. This was our club’s first year using Hodges Badge Company and the ribbons and trophies were perfect. Photo was taken by Aimee Laity.

2023 Honorable Mention - Brenda Swofford

Photographed are Eileen and ram Karl. Karl was Eileen’s second year 4H project sheep. Eileen is 11 years old and enjoys working with the livestock at her family farm (including her chickens, her dog Foxy, and her sheep Charolotte, Thelma, Biscuit and ram Bullseye). She enjoys school, reading and spending time with family. She doesn’t know what she’s going to spend her prize money on. Photograph taken by Brenda Swofford at the 2022 New Haven Youth Fair, where Karl won the Grand Champion Banner.

2023 Honorable Mention - Beth Hellebusch

Photographed are Addie and Buttercup at the New Haven Community Youth Fair Bucket Calf Show. This was Addie’s first show - at the age of 4 years old. Buttercup is a crossbred heifer. Addie plans to add Buttercup to her herd and breed her once she is old enough. Addie’s hopes are to build a profitable herd of her own someday that will fund her college dreams and life pursuits. Photo taken by Beth Hellebusch.