2023 Dog Show Awards Contest Winners

2023 Contest Winner - Pamela Padgett

Photographed is IntCom NN SI Alta-Tollhaus Immix CA RATO CZ8B BCAT CGCA TKA RLPX, a German Shepherd after winning The Spicy Award at a Hide n Seek Trial hosted by Conway Canine Companions. Hide n Seek is a fast-paced, nose work dog sport where the dogs may choose to search for rats, anise, or even hot dogs. Immix has multiple HNS titles which are not listed above. He was awarded the Spicy Award for being the most qualifying dog searching for anise at this particular trial. Immix intends to use the prize money to purchase more frisbees as these have become his greatest love! He will also help buy training equipment for his kennel mates.

2023 Honorable Mention - Karma Swanson

Photographed is No Roses for Cowboys aka Payton, proudly owned and handled by Karma Swanson. Payton is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and this photo was taken after winning his first title at NASDA Dog Trial competition in Urban Locating. Payton and his owner/handler Karma are completely new to dog sports. Payton has won several titles this year, but their goal is to get a Championship so that the next photo we display will be with one of the beautiful Hodges Champion Rosette Ribbons.

2023 Honorable Mention - Dare Jones

Pictured is Mr. Fredrickson, DCAT RATN SEN ATT, after earning his Novice Barn Hunt Title. He also competes in AKC Fast CAT. Mr. Fredrickson was adopted from a rural rescue who picked him up from the shelter, along with his littermate, Poppy. They now live together in their forever home.

2023 Honorable Mention - Asha Leo

Photographed are Asha Leo and Pirate the Pit Bull. They are breaking the stigma that surrounds pit bulls by competing, and winning, in several dog sports. Proving just how smart, loyal and athletic bully breeds are. Their mission is to spread joy one post at a time on Pirate's social media. Follow along on their journey at @piratepitbull.

2023 Honorable Mention - Karen Bruns

Photographed is Dak "Dakota Reign Over Texas", an Australian Shepherd after winning his 30K points ribbon at NAFA (North American Flyball Association) which he received at the CanAm Classic. Dakota Reign is an AKC Certified Therapy Dog and loves spending time with kids at our local children’s hospitals. Aside from Flyball he also loves to compete at NASDA and won Best of Breed for 2021. Dak is known for his beautiful fluffy coat and his love of stuffed animals. Dakota will be using his prize money towards his next tournament entry fees as well as a new stuffed toy.

2023 Honorable Mention - Polly Dake-Jones

Pictured is DASH USJ RMX CA AC URX2 UROG RACEA UCDX UNJ NV RMC UJJ MBIS MRBIS DGCH PR HD'S ZENFUL ZIGMUND SPOT-ON. Ziggy is a 3-year-old American Bulldog who loves to do stuff! Ziggy loves the Show Ring as well as competing in Rally Obedience, Dock Jumping, Obedience, Nose work, Lure Coursing and more! Ziggy is also a registered Therapy Dog and my Diabetic Alert Dog. This boy has fun doing it all ❤️.

2023 Honorable Mention - Christine Kozanda

Photographed is Haus Deykota's Go Speed Racer aka "Racer X”, a "never met a person I didn't love" German Shepherd following his overall win at the 2022 Midwest Regional Championship hosted by No-Z K9 Scent Work Club in the Novice Handler Discrimination Division. Racer has been competing in nosework odor division in multiple organizations for 3 years and just recently added handler discrimination to his list of skills making the win extra special for this team. His friend at the end of his leash, Christine Kozanda, will use the prize money to buy Racer his favorite toy and to enter more nosework trials. Racer said he is honored to be chosen by his friends at Hodges Badge and show off their rosette!

2023 Honorable Mention - Victoria Laird

Photographed are Lyra (RACH UKC CH Wishingstar Lyra of Tanglewood CD PCD BN RM5 RAE2 AX MXJ OF THDN TKE CGC VSWB CCA MF/NC W-FD/MF), and her sire, Lincoln (PACH UKC CH UCD URO1 NN Wishingstar Moonlight Sonata VCD1 PCDX GN BN RAE2 MX MXJ MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX OF OFP TD THDD SIN SCN SEN TDIG TKI PADHF CCA RATI RATN CGC VSWB RLVX), both Golden Retrievers, with their ribbons at the GRCA National in 2018. Lincoln retired from competing at 10 years of age, but is still an active TDI therapy dog at 14, as is 5-year-old Lyra. Photographed by owner/breeder/handler Victoria Peterson Laird. This award was very exciting and will be used to purchase special treats for them and entering more agility trials for Lyra!

2023 Honorable Mention - Marie Therese Aymard

Kyon and Phelan (father and son) are proudly displaying their flyball ONYX and Grand Champion ribbons after a successful day of racing. Kyon is a 9-year-old Malinois who has successfully achieved remission after a diagnosis of canine lymphoma and is happily continuing his sporting career. Phelan, his son, is following closely in his father's footsteps of being a rock solid flyball racer! The boys love this sport, and they will use their prize money to sponsor their entry fees at their next tournament.

2023 Honorable Mention - Heidi Benson

"Kimmark's Just Like my Woofi" and his person Heidi Benson enjoy a number of sports, but Woofi's favorite is FastCat! He has gone from homeless stray to FCat2 titleholder and his mom has promised to use his winnings to buy treats for him and his dog friends (and enter him in more FastCats!).

2023 Honorable Mention - Jamie Herbelein

Photographed is Cedarwood's Meeka Wish on Me, "Meeka," a 9 y/o Australian Shepherd with her High In Trial awards along with other ribbons from this year's United States Australian Shepherd Association's National Specialty Agility Trial. On the Aussie Specialty Day, Meeka earned the Preferred High in Trial award for both Standard and FAST earning her special prizes and ribbons from Hodges. When Meeka isn't playing agility, she helps her mom as an Assistant Trainer (demo dog) for a local Tricks class as she is also an AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer. Meeka is going to use her prize money to enter the AKC National Agility Championships.