2015 Equestrian Awards Contest Winners

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2015 Contest Winner - Rebecca Bowman

Sarah has outgrown “Cindy Lou Who” who is now used in the lesson program at North Atlanta Equestrian. “Cindy” has taught many children to ride over the several years. Ryan Haselden is 3 years old and this was her first show. Sarah is now 12 years old and competes in dressage, eventing and IEA. Ryan will use her portion of the money towards her own pony. Sarah will use her share of the prize money to show in 2015. She has qualified for and hopes to go to Dressage Seat Finals. Photo was taken by Pamela Doughty Photography and summited by Rebecca Bowman, Sarah’s mother.

2015 Honorable Mention - Kristie Naughton

Pictured is Carlin Makibbin aboard her trusty mount, “Kettle Korn” after taking top honors in a short stirrup class at Autumn Grove Stables in Berlin, MD

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2015 Honorable Mention - Blake Anderson

Pictured is Blake Anderson with her 17 year old Red Roan Snowflake Appaloosa, “Gracie”, after winning first place for the cloverleaf barrel and pole bending competition. The show took place at Smith Farms in Blythewood, SC where Blake is a member of the Grace Racers Barrel Team.

Blake was 10 when she started riding and training “Gracie” for barrel racing, with the help of her trainer Danny Wagner, founder of the Grace Racers Barrel Team. The bond and trust that grew between them is amazing. It has been such a privilege to see this unfold between a young girl and this amazingly beautiful animal. As a surprise, “Gracie” was purchased for Blake 6 years ago and “Gracie” has been and will continue to be a huge part of Blake's life and her heart.

Winning this award is very special as it becomes another loving memory of “Gracie” and Blake's time together, especially as Blake prepares to graduate high school this year and go to college.

Blake will always cherish the memory of winning Honorable Mention in the Hodges Badge Company, Inc. cover contest and with the hope of many more memories to come in the future with “Gracie”. The photograph was taken by a family friend, Caroline Bedingfield Creech. Go Grace Racers!

2015 Honorable Mention - Patricia Brockman

“Hammertime’s Fox Trot”, (a.k.a “Brock”) is an American Saddle Bred, standing 17 hands, ridden and owned by Zoe Brockman, granddaughter of the late Don Brockman, of Brockman Stables in Neenah Wisconsin. “Brock” was Zoe’s birthday present when she was 8 years old.

When Zoe was 3 years old, her grandfather Don Brockman, a Class A horse trainer at the time, saw a natural “horse talent” in his young granddaughter Zoe while visiting at Christmas. Like her grandfather, Zoe has a natural talent with horses and has been riding since she was 3 years old. After the holidays, Don returned to the training stable and mentioned to an associate that he needed to start looking for a special horse for his special granddaughter. A tragic automobile accident took the life of Don Brockman before he could find that special horse for Zoe.

Zoe’s parents had been looking for an experienced Equitation horse for her first horse, but instead they found “Hammertime’s Fox Trot” (aka “Brock”), a 4 year old American Saddle Bred, that had been shown by Don Brockman as a weanling. Although the horse did not have consistent training after Don died, “Brock” seemed to be that special horse grandpa Don would have wanted for his special granddaughter. Zoe and “Brock” began their

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training that summer, beginning with ground work and riding lessons. Seven years later, Zoe and “Brock” continue to work as a team, even though Zoe has grown quite a bit taller, “Brock” towers over her and the competition. This September, “Brock” and Zoe were awarded Grand Champion in Saddle Seat Showmanship at the 49th Annual Wisconsin 4-H Horse Expo at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis Wisconsin.

Zoe’s blue ribbon, shown in the picture, was won for Bareback English Equitation. Zoe plans on putting the award money toward a new saddle for “Brock”. Placing “Honorable Mention” in this photo contest is a great showcase for Zoe and an honor for Zoe’s mother, Patti, whose hobby is photography.

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2015 Honorable Mention - Alyson Werth

Photograph is “Hot Chily Tilly” or “Tilly”, a 14 year old thoroughbred mare. “Tilly” is owned by Cynthia Craft and ridden by Meaghan Monroe of Carlisle, Massachusetts. This photograph was taken by Aly Werth at the conclusion of a successful season eventing in USEA Area 1 at the novice and training levels.

“Tilly” was purchased by Cynthia Craft in 2006 and since then has participated in Eventing, Dressage, Hunter Paces, Show Jumping, and Pony Club. Tilly’s favorite thing to do is jumps and she is a powerhouse in both Cross Country and Show Jumping. “Tilly” has been ridden by Meaghan Monroe for the past three years. Photo was taken and submitted by by Aly Werth.

2015 Honorable Mention - Nancy Graff

Pictured are Riann Graff, 16 years old, and her 15 year old amazing registered quarter horse mare “Cool Cash Seven”, aka “Seven”. “Seven” was purchased in February 2014 for Riann because of her interest in High School Rodeo. Riann and “Seven” formed a quick bond and have done very well as a team in a short time. Together they are members of the Rockford High School Equestrian Team, Michigan 4H, Michigan High School Rodeo and the Red Flannel Saddle Club. The duo has won either Reserve High Point Champion or High Point Champion at every showing since competed in to date since becoming a dynamic team. Most recently, they won first place at the Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship State Championships in both barrel racing with a time of 15.858 and keyhole with a time of 7.788. Riann commented, “I feel very blessed to have such a great horse and to be able to participate in the sport I love. Thank you to Hodges Badge Company for this generous opportunity. It means a lot to us!” This picture was taken by her mother and biggest fan, Nancy Graff, after the Rockford High School Equestrian Team Speed Show. The award money will go to a Michigan based horse rescue farm.

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2015 Honorable Mention - Sarah Marcyan

After riding and competing in many disciplines on multiple horses for over 12 years, the rosettes started really accumulating. In search of creative way to uses these ribbons, Sarah Marcyan was inspired to make this depicted rosette wreath. Cutting off many of the streamers was bittersweet for Sarah. Although she knew she was discarding pieces of memorabilia, she focused on the final outcome. Sarah was thrilled with her results. The wreath is pictured on her parents' barn which was built in the 1930's, but now hangs proudly in her bedroom where she will cherish it for many years to come.

2015 Honorable Mention - Bridget Edgar

Pictured is “Oneka’s Commanders Icy Hot” after winning in Showmanship at the WSCA Championship Show in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Icy” was the smallest horse at the show, standing at only 30 inches. He is a ten year old registered miniature horse. The Championship Show is the largest open breed show in the nation. He completed against all big horses and to say we stuck out was an understatement. He enjoyed lots of petting and hugs from children while we waited for our class, as well as lots of laughs from adults.

Jokes were cracked all morning about my ‘giant horse’. It’s fun to show that mini horses can complete against the big ones and do well. I couldn’t have been more proud of this little guy. “Icy” was handled by Bridget Edgar, his owner. The photograph was taken by Olaf Edgar, Bridget’s husband.

Some of the prize money will be used to buy something ‘mini’.

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2015 Honorable Mention - Anne Shoemaker

Jessica Brown, age 16, has been riding for 7 years. This year she teamed up with “Ace in the Hole” and competed in many of the Virginia Horse Show Association’s horse shows in the Novice Child/Adult Division. She has had the good fortune to be coached by Judy Swal of JGS Riding in Chesterfield, Virginia. Judy’s coaching tip “sit up, shoulders back, and leg on” has propelled Jessica and “Ace in the Hole”, better known as “Jr.”, to many championships this year. She plans to use the prize money to enter more competitions.

Cristin Wyrick is 15 years old and has been riding under the guidance of her coach Judy Swal of JGS riding in Chesterfield, Virginia since the 3rd grade. She has spent many hours in lessons and is in her first year of competitive jumping in the Novice Child/Adult Division. Cristin is also a member of the Classic Equestrian 4H Club in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Both Jessica and Cristin had a great day as did Ace in the Hole (aka "Jr." at the barn) and Curious George.

2016 Honorable Mention - Kristin Gutosky Haas

Kristin Gutosky Haas began training a 3 year old Quarter Horse mare, "Dayasis" aka "Daisy", in her junior year of high school while active in 4-H. "Daisy" now 22, was the Champion Novice Horse and Reserve Grand Champion Novice Whip at the 39th annual Lorenzo Driving Competition in Cazenovia, NY. Kristin is a 4-H leader and a certified instructor, and together she and “Daisy” have taught many students how to ride and drive.

The photo was taken by Deb Gutosky, Kristin's mother. The entire family is excited about being selected for the 2016 Equestrian catalog. The prize money will be shared and spent on something horsey, of course!

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2015 Honorable Mention - Rush Cole

As a life-long horsewoman/artist/photographer, I've always specialized in equine subjects. Pictured is “Denali AK”, a six-year-old P.R.E. stallion from JackAss Mountain Ranch in Pasco, Washington. He is taking his victory lap after winning "Reserve Champion Stallion" at Celebration 2013, Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, Santa Barbara, CA. I am delighted to be among your winners, and plan to use the prize money to fund my art/photography at future equine events.

2015 Honorable Mention - Melanie Pack

“Quintessential” (aka “Quint”) and Gabby share some down time after their win at Bit O’ Woods farm schooling show in Hainesport, NJ. “Quint” is owned by Bit O’ Woods farm and has been used in their lesson program for the last five years. “Quint” started off at the racetrack before beginning a second career as an event horse (with a brief go at fox hunting along the way). At 24 years old, “Quint” has settled in nicely as a solid school master—still teaching the basics and helping young riders bring home ribbons. Everyone agrees that the money awarded for the photo will buy lots of treats for “Quint” and all of his school horse buddies on the farm. Photo summited by Melanie Pack.

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