From competitive achievement to employee recognition, silver awards from the Hodges Badge Company allow you to honor winners and high achievers, giving them a memento of their accomplishments that’s going to gleam for years to come.

Hodges Badge Company not only has a sizable selection of silver awards, but we also offer a complete award-shopping experience by taking care of engraving and personalization for you. On top of that, our price points for award and customization options allow you to shop for any event or occasion and stay within your budget for a time-honored silver award that’s certain to be cherished.

How to select the right product from our large Product Selection

An good starting point when conceptualizing your silver award idea is the style of the award you want to give. Narrowing your selection comes down to your budget and the event being hosted (and this should also be viewed in the context of what will be most impactful for the recipients). From silver trays, loving cups, silver bowls, perpetual awards, trophies and more, we’ll help you navigate the selection process below.

Choosing a Silver Award

  • Silver trays are a timeless option for many events and occasions. A popular example is our top selling classic Presentation Tray which has been awarded to winners of a variety of prestigious events over the years. With ample room for engraving text and designs, as well as a sleek appearance with multiple sizes and options, it’s understandably a customer favorite.
  • Another time-honored, traditional silver award is the loving cup. With its historic origins perhaps dating back centuries, this is truly a classic and quintessential option that many think of when imagining an award. Plenty of famous examples of loving cups and trophies exist in athletic and motorsports, making this truly a coveted award. The Loving Cup pictured below is a favorite for Equestrian and Dog show events.
  • A Revere bowl is a stout but mighty option for those looking for an award with deep historical roots and room to engrave designs. Following the rejection of a British colonial legal resolution, silversmith Paul Revere was commissioned to design a bowl to celebrate the occasion, which was then dubbed the Liberty Bowl, given its origins. His work led to the lore and origin story behind the Revere bowl, whose design is now synonymous with celebrating special events and occasions of distinction.

Presentation Tray


Loving Cup


Revere Bowl

Sterling Silver Awards

But sentimental value isn’t all that a silver award can carry. With our line of sterling silver awards, your award can take on more than just meaning. The opulent sterling silver found in these awards will hold its value like a piece of fine jewelry, with a level of durability that’s uncommon in valuable precious metals.
Whatever event you’re hosting, you can make it special with our engraving.

Sterling Silver Tray

Customizing Your Silver Award

Nobody wants a generic award, so we make it easy to engrave and personalize our entire silver collection. In fact, text engraving is free, and a modest $5 fee allows you to add a custom logo or any other design that will fit your award. We recommend adding a stock design or uploading your organization or event logo. Incorporate essential information like the name of the award, your organization, the event itself or the recipient. Add the date and location of your event; from there, you can get more creative.

Whatever event you’re hosting, you can make it special with our engraving.

Don’t Forget the Base

Sometimes, choosing the best award is all about the base. Several of our silver awards can be purchased with attractive wood bases. Our genuine wood bases have a timeless appeal, and you can personalize them with engraved text plates for more character.

For an award that can be passed down year after year, a perpetual award combined with our custom engraving and personalization options allows you to create a true tradition with an heirloom-quality silver award. With each passing year and each passing winner, this style of award only gains in sentimental value.

Wine Cooler w/Perpetual Base

The Easiest Way to Find the Perfect Silver Award

When you order from Hodges Badge Company, you don’t need to worry about coming up with unique silver award ideas. We can help you with the customization process to create a silver award worthy of the achievements it recognizes. Talk to us about your needs, and let’s work together to create an iconic silver award for your next event.