Recognition with the "WOW" factor - Custom Printed Center Insert Medals

Custom medals are the perfect choice when you have your own full color custom logo or design. Our collection of custom insert medals all provide a vibrant, full color presentation of your design in the center of the medal. If your design is black, these award medals provide a distinctive contrast of a black design on a gold, silver, or bronze medal. You can also choose from hundreds of our full color and black silhouette stock designs. Custom artwork services are available.

Key benefits and features for custom printed center medals:

  • Best for events or organizations with a specific logo, mascot, theme, or branding that you wish to vividly display in full color. These custom printed center medals offer a classic look with the ability to precisely reproduce complex artwork.
  • Your neck ribbon is attached and included in the medal price.
  • Personalized neck ribbons- Only at Hodges! Our satin neck ribbons can be personalized with three lines of text. There is nothing that compares to the look of vibrant foil print on a satin neck ribbon.
  • No minimums for custom printed center medals!
  • FASTEST turnaround for customized medals.
  • Event Text can be printed on back of the medal, for a nominal extra charge.

Our most popular custom printed center medals



2-5/8" Custom GFL Award Medal With Satin Neck Ribbon



2-3/4" Custom RS14 Award Medal With Satin Neck Ribbon



1-3/4" Custom LFL Award Medal With Grosgrain Neck Ribbon



2-3/4" Custom XBX Award Medal With Satin Neck Ribbon

Unique medal designs and styles



2-3/4" Custom GGM  Award Medal With Grosgrain Neck Ribbon



2-3/4" Custom RSG Award Medal With Millennium Neck Ribbon



3-3/8" Custom AS14 All Star Award Medal With Millennium Neck Ribbon



2-3/4" Custom MS14 Mega Shield Award Medal With Grosgrain Neck Ribbon

When you order from Hodges Badge Company, you don’t need to worry about coming up with unique medal award ideas. We can help you with the customization process to create an award medal worthy of significant achievements. Shop our full line of Custom Printed Center Medals now or talk to us about your needs, and let’s work together to create an iconic medal award for your next event.