Does your company celebrate its employees?

Acknowledging individual and team achievements with custom awards and trophies is about more than just employee recognition; it also speaks to the culture your company fosters and can even improve brand recognition. If you don’t already emphasize staff appreciation, it’s time to make the shift that many successful corporations already understand trophies and awards are worth the investment. Here’s everything you need to know about improving culture and brand recognition with personalized employee awards and trophies from Hodges Badge Company.


People work for many reasons, to support themselves, their families or their lifestyles, to finding purpose and meaning. Employees don’t mind hard work, but they do want to know that their efforts matter. Showing gratitude with custom awards for your top earners, long-time team members and rising stars not only makes those individuals feel appreciated, but it can also motivate other staff members to perform better. 

Employee Retention

If employees seem less loyal to businesses than they were even a few decades ago, one reason may be that they do not believe their employers value their hard work. Creating a positive corporate culture that stresses work satisfaction can make all the difference in performance, pride and productivity. When you think of the ripple effect that something as simple and inexpensive as custom trophies and awards can make, you may wonder why employee recognition isn’t a principle of every successful business model.

Brand Recognition

What’s good for staff is good for business. Happier employees may speak highly of your company when networking, thus spreading your name and strengthening your reputation. Your customer base can feel the positivity in service interactions and share those helpful experiences with colleagues. You can even see the impact through your social media presence. Sharing information about recognition ceremonies or industry award events across media platforms puts your company in a positive light, and all at a fraction of the cost of a large marketing campaign.  

Easy Customization

Get the most bang for your buck, personalize your employee awards and trophies. Include your company logo, identifying colors or even industry materials or symbols to provide clear context for the significance of each award. Be sure to add employee names and dates to your award as well as the achievement itself. Custom awards are a tangible acknowledgement of a job well done, and employees are more likely to display and treasure trophies that make them feel special.

Getting custom awards and trophies for your employees is easier than you may think when you work with Hodges Badge Company. Our impressive selection of employee and team recognition awards and trophies is just the beginning. You can also take advantage of our design tools and expert customer service to create unique awards that reflect well on your leadership, company culture and employee performance.